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Taking your event to the top

Planning, personalization, getting to know you, and what is going to make
your wedding extra unique. Over the years we’ve seen minor to major differences between our happy couples. At times, they both have the same music tastes, other times, they’re on the complete opposite side of the spectrum. That’s why we love what we do. We love all genres and the ability to create a musical experience that will be tailored perfectly for them and their guests.

Music is only a portion of what we bring. Equipment and Emcee services also play a huge part. Our Emcees are professional, polished, and relatable. They don’t steal the spotlight, the day will always be about you. It’s their goal to compliment your wedding with announcements and to help keep things on track. We believe that the timing and flow of your wedding are just as important as the music. If either fails, it’s hard to regain the energy. Our goal is to make sure that never happens.

Having the right equipment and configuration also is equally important. Just like the uniqueness of our couples, venues are also uniquely different. We take the time to configure sound layouts based on each venue and where your guests will be. We also can work with you to create other fun and exciting experiences such as lighting designs, video projection, karaoke, personalized projected monograms, and photo booths.

In addition, we also offer these reassurances:
- Liability Insured
- Back-up equipment
- Back-up DJs on standby

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