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If the purchaser must reschedule services due to Covid-19, PRO DJs will waive our Change-of-Date and Cancellation fees once, as long as the same DJ is available on the new date, and apply the down payment towards that new date for up to 1 year from the originally scheduled date. If the purchaser is unable to choose a new date that the same DJ has available, the down payment will be non-transferable and non-refundable. If the client needs to reschedule more than once, PRO DJs will not be able to apply the down payment towards additional dates. If PRO DJs and the purchaser made a special arrangement waiving the required down payment upfront, the purchaser will still be responsible to pay the cancelation fee, typically 50% of the total cost of services, if unable to reschedule within 1 year with the same DJ.

Covid Policy: Text
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