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DJ, Emcee, Karaoke, and Game Show Host

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From an early age, D.K. Erickson had an instinctive love for music and equipment. Growing up he hung out at Radio Shack like it was an arcade. His parents also let him string a couple of speakers out into the hallway from his bedroom so he could play music for them. From there his love of music and public entertaining only continued to grow. 

He took that passion and volunteered for a local college radio station that eventually led to a paid job at the #1 rated station in his hometown. Almost simultaneously he started spinning tunes as a mobile DJ at school dances. He loved it so much that he eventually started his own DJ company.

Throughout the years his career took him to larger and larger markets working for bigger radio stations while continuing to DJ private events on the side. During that time he worked for Top 40, Country, Rock, Old School, and Adult Contemporary radio stations broadening his eclectic music repertoire event further.

Eventually, D.K. started a family and instead of moving from city to city, he and his wife made the decision to stop the pursuit of radio and work full-time for themselves running the DJ business. They never looked back and are proud of the business’s reputation and the life that they have built.

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We got a lot of compliments on the DJ's performance. I was very happy with his involvement and getting people to the dance floor. I would rebook for next year

Dalton Susee - Taylor Metal Products

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